The ABC's of Business: An Essential Overview [FREE]


Some questions you may ask yourself:

- Is online business right for me?
- Am I too young/old?
- How should I start?
- What can I start with?

We're happy to see that you're interested in starting your Business/Sidehustle.
It's a great time to do so because it's never been easier than it is now!

Let’s answer the last two questions first.


 Step 1

We've put together a free overview with 30 different online business ideas that can help you get started.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the online business world and take the first step towards building your dream business.

Each one of these Businesses can make you wealthy and is your first step out of 9to5! So it's important to read through this whole site! 
Good luck on your journey.

scroll till the end for more advice!
scroll till the end for more advice!
scroll till the end for more advice!


Following you will see 30 of the most known businesses.

Online Tutoring:
Offering academic assistance and support to students online, typically via video conferencing.

Short Video Editing:
Providing editing services for short video clips, such as those used on social media platforms.

Graphic Design:
Designing visual materials such as logos, banners and websites for businesses and individuals.

Shooting and editing photographs and videos for various purposes, such as events, advertising or stock platforms.

Foto/Video Editing:
Providing editing services for photos and videos. (on Fiverr for example)

Buying products (mostly in bulk) and then reselling them for a profit, typically online.

Selling E-Books through Kindle:
Writing and selling digital books through Amazon's Kindle platform.

Print on Demand Online Shops:
Creating and selling custom products, such as T-shirts or mugs, on-demand through online marketplaces.

Insurance Sales:
Selling insurance policies to individuals and businesses.

Selling products online without holding inventory, by having suppliers ship products directly to customers.

Lead Generation for other Companies:
Generating leads, or potential customers, for other businesses through various marketing channels. 

Running Facebook/Instagram Ads for Companies:
Managing and optimizing advertising campaigns on social media platforms for businesses.

Affiliate Marketing:
Promoting other companies' products and earning a commission on resulting sales.

Digital Content Creator:
Creating and distributing various types of digital content, such as blog posts, videos, or podcasts.

Selling Digital Products on Social Media:
Selling digital products, such as e-courses or e-books, on social media platforms. 

Ghostwriting for Books/Songs:
Writing books or songs for others who take credit for the work.

Optimizing websites to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Web Design:
Designing and developing websites for businesses and individuals.

App Development:
Designing and developing mobile applications for various purposes.

Youtube Automation:
Automating various tasks related to running a YouTube channel, such as content scheduling and engagement.

Writing promotional or advertising copy for businesses.

Fashion Brand:
Creating and selling fashion products, such as clothing or accessories, under a specific brand name. 

Buying and selling stocks, currencies, or other assets with the goal of making a profit.

Providing sales expertise and closing deals for other businesses.

Offering personal or professional guidance and support to individuals or businesses.

Event Management/Organisation:
Planning and executing various types of events, such as weddings, conferences, or concerts.

Network Marketing:
Selling products through a network of distributors who earn a commission on sales. 

Amazon FBA:
Using Amazon's fulfillment services to store and ship products sold through the platform.

Social Media Agency:
Managing and optimizing social media accounts and campaigns for businesses.



 Step 2

With each business on this list, you can earn a high four-figure income

(starting at €7,000) and sometimes even a five-figure income (starting at €10,000).

You just need to know how. And as soon as you start building one of these business models, you will quickly encounter many questions.


What mistakes should I avoid at the beginning?

Wich business is the best for me?

What skills should I acquire?

Where do I even start?


And many many more.

You will encounter difficulties that will make you scared and doubt yourself - guaranteed!

So it's very important that you have a guide and important information.

We have created a Guide.

The "Wifi-Business-Builder", in which we explain how to build a business in practice.


We will show you how to...


...find the business that suits you best.

...avoid beginner mistakes.

...learn the most important skills to build your business. to get more motivation.


and many more essential pieces of information.


In addition, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to start building your business.

So, you will be shown the specific path and you just have to walk it - it will never be easier than this!

It's getting harder every day to build an online business, as more and more people understand that this is the most efficient way to achieve financial freedom.

The most efficient way to retire your parents.

become rich and independent.

and live the life you dream of!


So hurry up and get the WiFi-Business-Builder at

before it's too late...


We look forward to the results you will achieve with the WiFi-Business-Builder!

best regards,

The LibertyWalk Network Team!